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You have a problem with Acura or an Acura Dealership. Be sure to e-mail your complaint immediately. You work for Acura or an Acura Dealership and have a complaint about your employer.
You stumbled upon our site. Please understand that this is a site of opinions. Not all stories can be verified for truthfulness. A considerable amount of content on this site is from other web sites from around the world. You are in Acura management trying to minimize the negative impact of the stories posted here and are trying to figure out how to get rid of this site.

The Internet has given us, "little guys", a wonderful chance to make our voices known at times when we are "against the wall" when trying to solve our problems. I am sure that the quality of Customer Service will drastically improve in the future, thanks to the Internet. Every company will have to revise their way of dealing with customers. We hope that one day we will become "kings" again, as in the old saying: "the Customer is king"

I hope that the cases presented here will ring a bell for people dealing with or considering dealing with Acura directly or with some Acura Dealerships.

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